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Block Quotes

“Seeing my progress at BGK, my daughter has also joined the company. She joined the company as a Helper in my team. I was able to train my daughter and today she is promoted to the level of a Tailor.” “BGK has a very unique culture, we are supported not just bythe Directors of our producer company, but at a community level by our SHGs and at a local level by the Foundation. This support has enabled women to take charge of things.”
Supervisor, Bangalore Greenkraft Producer Company (BGK)
 “As a woman, the Foundation has provided me with a safe environment to learn and grow!” “Seeing myself evolve from a tailor to a trainer has given me a lot of confidence in my abilities. Today, I provide financially for my family. My parents now encourage me to work and are assured that I am working in a healthy and safe environment.”
Trainer, Industree Skill Transform Pvt Ltd
“I am able to ensure that my children continue to get a good education. I am also able to partially support my 80-year- old mother who lives in Tiruvannamalai.”
Roslilina Mark
Master trainer, Bangalore Greenkraft Producer Company
“I am grateful that Industree Foundation provides equal opportunities for men, women and the disabled, without discrimination’s” “The SHG savings program has made my family financially independent and freed us from money lenders’ high interest loans. We help each other within our Self Help Group through this initiative.”
Team Leader (Ashraya SHG), Bangalore Green Kraft (BGK)